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Animation Academy
Sylvain Chomet


The SChool is a private establishment of further education dedicated to the teaching
of various animation professions.
The three-year course will take place at our site in Bayeux, France.

The course will begin on 7 September 2020.


The SChool is unique in as much as it teaches academic drawing alongside animation techniques. The diploma will certify that our students have been trained by Sylvain Chomet, an industry icon regarding the artistic and technical quality of an animated film. This high level of endorsement and qualification will allow our students to compete easily when looking for work in animation professions.


According to their skills, the SChool’s students will able to lean towards specific areas in the animation marketplace. All will have been trained as animators, but some will be able to specialize in writing, storyboarding, character design/research, layouts, backgrounds even directing. With the common core of their knowledge comprising mastery of drawing and animation, it will be easy for them to adapt to all apects of projects and productions.



1 Rue des Cordeliers 14400 Bayeux.
Phone : 02 61 77 02 00 | ACCESS MAP