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City of Bayeux


Bayeux is a town of 14,000 inhabitants located in Normandy, in the north-west of France It is home to the famous UNESCO-listed Bayeux Tapestry, which depicts (in 70 meters of early storyboard form) the Norman conquest of England in 1066.

At 10 minutes from the coast, Bayeux stands just inland from the D-Day Beaches and is extremely popular with tourists from the allied countries (UK, United States and Canada) who come to discover the history of the WW2 liberation operations. For this reason most shops, restaurants and administrative establishments (post-office, council offices, estate agents etc) will gladly communicate in English.
With its architecture from the Middle Ages and pretty streets and parks, Bayeux is a popular weekend and holiday destination that perfectly combines culture, heritage, dynamism and modernity. On a practical level Bayeux is 2 hours by train from Paris and 40 minutes from the nearest ferry port that goes to England – Ouistream (Caen).

There are more than 15 educational establishments making it a popular place for families. It is a safe and secure city sheltered from turbulent social movements that can flare up in larger cities such as Paris.
Bayeux offers a 3 screen cinema, a newly renovated theatre, a brand new mediateque and swimming complex, a wide range of sports associations and an abundant choice of shops and restaurants – all within an easy walking distance.

CAEN (shopping centers, IKEA, Opera, Zenith) is only 10 minutes by train from Bayeux. In terms of accommodation, downtown Bayeux offers a wide choice of small apartments. Renting a studio will cost an average of 300 euros a month. These prices would be unthinkable in cities like Paris, where the cost of living and transport is very expensive.
1 Rue des Cordeliers 14400 Bayeux.
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