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devenir mecenes


Tax benefits associated with the law of 1 August 2003 have encouraged companies to support associative projects, thereby enhancing opportunities for associations and companies to develop joint projects. We would like to inform companies of the many advantages of patronage in terms of image, management, tax deduction and social responsibility. Patronage gives companies the opportunity to contribute to the social solidarity economy, whilst at the same time benefitting from tax advantages. It is therefore aimed at all companies: large companies but also, and above all, small and medium-sized companies, retailers, artisans and professionals, economic stakeholders and real local partners for associations.

Patronage offers companies opportunities to be recognized as full partners in a chosen community. By engaging concretely in these projects, patrons affirm their social responsibility and contribute to strengthening the economic attractiveness of the area. It is also an excellent way for business owners to meet and interact with partners in a different context (clients, institutions, associates).

In addition, patronage enables companies to raise awareness and involve their employees in the causes of general interest that it supports. Employees can actively participate in the company’s patronage policy.

Pourquoi devenir mécène ?

By becoming a patron of the SChool, your company name will be associated with the first international animation school, driven and directed by Sylvain Chomet, an artist who has received three Oscar nominations, and who was awarded the French César for best film in 2004.

By becoming a patron of the SChool you will contribute to the development of ambitious young artists, who will receive three years of training with the aim of joining major film productions.

Partners who decide to support our students will be able to choose a short film project, which will be created in the third year. Each year you will receive a series of original drawings taken from the production of your chosen animation film.

You will also be invited to the students’ graduation gala evening.

You will be free to use the animation film that you support as you wish in your internal or external communication campaigns.

You will appear in the credits of animation films that will be submitted to and shown in festivals around the world.

On a regional level, as well as having your logo appear on all our communication media, you will be invited to all our events: conferences, exhibitions and private views. And for art lovers who wish to acquire a work, you will be invited to a private evening for the presentation of collections.

Finally, in terms of human resources, we offer company directors creative courses for their teams, to develop the intuitive creativity of their employees with the help of drawing.

Your tax benefits and other advantages:

Different forms of patronage:
Patronage is not only for large companies ! There is no legal minimum turnover or minimum donation. This allows any company, whatever its size, to support the projects it chooses and to enjoy the tax benefits which come with patronage. Companies can develop their patronage policy within different forms.

Financial patronage, ie. monetary donations (cheques, bank transfers, etc.).

How it works : Legally, companies who make donations as patrons benefit from a tax reduction of 60% of the value of the amount contributed, within the limit of €10,000 or 5 per thousand (0.5%) of turnover when the latter amount is higher (Art. 238 bis CGI).

Patronage in kind :
  • By donating assets (vehicle, furniture, equipment, etc.)
  • By supplying goods (sports equipment, televisions, computers, etc.)
  • By providing services (repairs, maintenance, printing, etc.)
  • By providing skills (communication, accounting, management, legal expertise, etc.), technical or practical knowledge.

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