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Draw, draw, draw … Our teaching focuses on the perfect mastery of drawing. During the three-year course, students will take part in six hours of life drawing per week. 

They will be taught human and animal anatomy to better understand the mechanics of motion. Sylvain Chomet will use his expertise to apply these techniques to animation: How to create a skeleton, add volumes and understand muscle tension when a person moves.
This academic knowledge can be applied to all styles of animation, from realistic to caricatural, from illustrative to cartoon.
A diploma will be awarded at the end of the course.


La cotisation annuelle pour chaque étudiant est fixée à 9500 euros

  • History of animation
  • Life drawing and anatomy, adapted to animation
  • Animation courses and workshops
Drawing, drawing, drawing. During the three-year course, our students will participate in 28 hours of drawing per week, six of which will be life drawing. They will be taught the anatomy of humans and animals, learning the “cogs” in the movement of living things. Sylvain Chomet will use this acquired knowledge and adapt it to animated drawing: how to create a skeleton, add body weight to it, understand muscle tension etc. In the first year, students will learn the basics of animation on traditional light box tables using paper and pencil. Life drawing classes will be taught in a room provided for this purpose while animation courses will take place in workshops. Each student will have their own workstation that they will keep throughout the year. Animation techniques will be learned in parallel with the history of animated film. Students will learn animation techniques chronologically from the invention of animation to the present day. Theory lessons will benefit from projection facilities that will be used to study and watch animated films. These facilities will also be used to project the students’ weekly work so it can be analyzed to define strengths and weaknesses.
  • Cinematographic language course / scenario / storyboard
  • Life drawing and anatomy, adapted to animation
  • Animation courses and workshops
  • Introductory course to TVPaint software
In the second year, students will alternate between traditional techniques and digital techniques. Full time use of the digital technique comes in the third year.
Being fully familiar with traditional techniques is essential to master modern digital tools including graphic tablets, TVPaint and other animation software.
Students will make short films/sequences based on newly learned techniques (walking cycles, character play, dance sequences, etc.). These exercises will be included in each student’s portfolio/show reel to allow future employers to assess their skills.
  • Life drawing and anatomy, adapted to animation
  • Production of a year-end film.
The third year will be entirely dedicated to the production of student films. Students will work as part of a team under real studio conditions. Each of them will occupy a position that best reflects their skills: storyboard, character research/design, layout, backgrounds or animation. We want our students to have a broad knowledge of all the professions related to animation. They will benefit, as in previous years, from Sylvain’s technical and creative input in order to maximize the chances of their films being selected on the world circuit of animation festivals.


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