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Jérome FELIX


Jérome FELIX

Jérôme Félix has been writing comic books for some of the biggest French publishers for 20 years. He has covered many genres including adventure with his hit series The Legacy of the Devil, science fiction, romance, comedy and historical fiction. He is also the author of A Step Towards the Stars, an intimate and touching album that was nominated for best album of the year by French booksellers.

Jérôme Félix, whose talent as a literary mentor is unanimously recognized, has long accompanied young authors who sign their first publishing contract at the publisher Bamboo / Grand Angle. 2019, will see the release of the highly anticipated western – Up to the Last in collaboration with his former student Paul Gastine,

Jérôme Félix will run the script classes at The School. The first year, he will alternate scene analysis and writing exercises during which students will be asked to write their own scenarios both comic and dramatic. He will then accompany second-year students in writing the short film they will create in their third year.

Jérôme Félix will also head a large part of the comic book courses for the second year students who choose this option.

Scenario and Story-Telling Course

In the first year, students will study the general organization of a story and the different types of narration that can be used to tell it. They will study the creation of main characters and how to start a story to capture attention. The second part of the year will be devoted to writing the different types of scenes (comic, suspense, anxiety …) that make up a story and how to make these moments intense and alive. They will also discover how to conclude their story in the best way. The students, who will be constantly put in writing situation, will evolve through the analysis and editing of their work. The script classes in the second year will be entirely devoted to the writing of the short film that the students will have to realize in the third year.


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