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The school

Our teaching philosophy

During my thirty years of professional life, I often had to teach animation – sometimes as a teacher in a school, but mostly as a director on my short and feature films.

Having chosen to collaborate with people fresh out of animation schools, I soon understood the limits of some of today’s teaching methods that are based more on theory than on practice, more on telling rather than showing.

I am convinced that my job (which I learned from entry level – working my way up through the ranks in various London studios) is primarily a craft. It only becomes Art when the craftsman, in this case the designer / animator, has entirely mastered his skills.

Draw, draw, draw, there is no other way to progress in this business. Draw and observe. Observe the hand of the master – reproduce his gesture – and only then can you make it your own. Observe nature before replicating its forms and movements in a series of fixed drawings that together will recreate life.

By opening The SChool, I wish to share my experience of working in animation with a new generation of craftsmen to train them in the rigors of this trade. The SChool’s students will learn as would apprentices, among a team of professionals, and will in turn become wholly employable artists with many strings to their bow. The graduates of The SChool will understand all aspects of the task at hand and because of their grass roots knowledge will have no trouble finding the place they deserve in a booming job market.

Sylvain Chomet

Les locaux


The SChool is located at 1, rue des Cordeliers, in the historical center of Bayeux. A former primary school, the premises are currently being renovated to accommodate our students in September 2020. There is a large courtyard, a garden, bright and spacious classrooms and a kitchen area with all the necessary equipment that will be made available to our students. Shops, restaurants and snackbars are in the immediate vicinity, as well as cultural centers including a modern media library and a swimming pool with spa. For more information we invite you to visit the city of Bayeux website: www.bayeux.fr

Renovation underway…

1 Rue des Cordeliers 14400 Bayeux.
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